Naughty Coupon Book

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It's time to spice up your marriage with 52 Printable Naughty Coupons! These 52 Naughty coupons are perfect to take your intimacy level up a notch with your spouse! 

These coupons take all the prep and thinking out of the equation when it comes to finding ways to add a little spice to your relationship! Just print and use! 

Here's What's Included with the Naught Coupon Book!

52 Naughty Coupons to Spice Up Your Relationship in the Bedroom!– Take turns with your spouse redeeming coupons to really rock each other's world!

16 Printable Cards for Spin the Bottle- The Naughty Coupon book also comes with 16 printable cards for Spin the Bottle. We take care of all the prep and planning for you by providing you with this printable for you to use time and time again!

What’s Your Fantasy? Sometimes we just need to know what our spouse wants! So we provide you with Fantasy cards to write down your fantasy so that your spouse knows exactly what you want! 

 Here’s Why The Naughty Coupon Book is PERFECT for YOU!

  • It’s Easy! We provide everything you need (except a Twister board) to have 52 SEXY nights with your spouse! All the prep and planning is done!
  • Kiss Boredom Goodbye!- Sometimes we get into a relationship rut in the bedroom always doing the same things, but not anymore because these 52 naughty coupons you will be anything but boring!
  • It Doesn't Get Any Easier!- We are all busy, but we have helped you by giving you everything you need to quickly connect with your spouse night after night. So no more worrying about how, just do! So Print, cut, and start using the Naughty Coupons! Trust me, it doesn't get any easier than this!
  • Budget Friendly! Say hello to affordability! For only $5.99 you can’t afford not to do this! I mean you are getting 52 FUN and SEXY experiences with your spouse!