St. Patrick's Day Would You Rather

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Does your family love answering Would You Rather Questions all day long? Well, we have 100 great St. Patrick's Day Would You Rather Edition included in this awesome Printable.

This St. Patrick's Day Would You Rather is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD game that contains 100 would you rather choices.

To play simply have one person read the card aloud and let the group answer why they would choose that option!

Would you Rather questions help bond families and friends and help to get to know each other better. It promotes different conversations than you normally would think to have with one another!

This is the perfect game for around the dinner table, on a car ride, or when you are sitting around thinking about something to do with each other.

There are silly questions to more serious ones to get to know your kids on all different kinds of levels!

These also make for great story prompts as well as journal entries!

This product is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical product will be shipped. You will receive a digital download when you purchase.

Print on cardstock for added durability or laminate for multiple uses.